2012 Banquet Highlights

Jan. 11

The 2012 CNYMRA Awards Banquest was a great time for 280 District 3 racers, family and friends; where the District both recognized accomplishments and gave back generously to the riders!

Jim King , aka announcer from Royal Mountain, showed up this year as the Master of Ceremonies and did a great job behind the microphone, just as he's done at the races for nearly 20 years!

The District handed out $7500 worth of championship awards in addition to $8000 in cash awards to the top placing experts. Additionally, more than $5000 in door prizes were donated by sponsors, tracks and advertisers such as Mike Loran from Fox Racing, TNT Cycle, Top Dead Center, Northern Powersports, Cycle Shack, Factory Connection, Lewis ATVs, Shockaholic, Broome-Tioga, and the late Guy Fernino's mother donated three $100 certificates in Memory of her son. At the end of the evening everyone went away with something more than the came with; at the very least a good memory of a fun event!

Special award winners were:

Zach Putman - Youth rider of the Year
Mitch Dougherty - No.1 Expert Motorcycle racer
Chris Davis - No. 1 Expert Quad racer

Unadilla - Track of the Year

Rule changes for 2012

Dec. 15

Here is a summary of rule changes for 2012 approved by the CNYMRA Board of Directors at the Dec. 13 meeting:

1. Points paying races will be scheduled from April 1 through September 30. October dates will be used for makeup dates and for non points paying district races.

2. Each district track has the opportunity to hold one two day event (Saturday & Sunday) for 2012. Each day will be a separate points paying event.

3. Each rider will be allowed six drop dates for 2012 (a riders six lowest points scoring races will be dropped from the season total points standings).

4. The current 65cc (7-11) class will be split into 65cc (7-9) and 65cc (10-11) classes. These classes will be run together, but scored separately. A combined or staggered start may be used.

5. An age 50+ class will be added and run with another age group using a staggered start. The 50+ class is open to riders of any ability level.

6. A Mini Quad 90cc Modified class has been added. The "no double class" rule for Mini Quads will remain in effect.

7. Racers must attend at least two races at each track in order to be in consideration for year end awards.

8. A racer will score 5 points if he/she is the only riders signed up for a class on race day. The racer must complete at least one moto to score points.

CNYMRA riders at the Mini O's
Dec. 7

Hunter Layton, Dawson Driscoll and Sean Ballard each posted top 11 results at the highly competitive Mini-O's in Florida. Hunter placed 11th in the 50cc (7-8) class Dawson finished 9th in the 65cc(10-11) stock class while Sean finished 8th in the Supermini (13-16) class. Congratulations guys!
Final CNYMRA Points
Nov. 20 Final CNYMRA points HERE
New Board Members

Nov. 5

The results of the 2012 rider rep and officer elections are as follows:

Mike Dougherty Sr. - President
Murray Vice - Vice President
Jeff Martin - Treasurer
Mitch Dougherty
Gene Nighman
Jeff Kunzwieler
Scott Grenga
John Lewis - 1st Alternate rep
Chris Davis -2nd Alternate rep

CNYMRA Founder Passes Away
Nov. 5

CNYMRA's founder, Ted Grabowski, passed away last night after a non-
publicized battle against cancer. He was the recent Donna Dougherty's significant other and played a huge role in Mike Dougherty Sr's introduction to and involvement in the CNYMRA and motocross.

According to Mike, Ted was a true moto enthusiast, stating a few days ago that he "just wishes he was out riding!"

He started the Swamp Fox motorcycle club in 1968. The club officially became the CNYMRA in 1974.

Please express your condolences to all of Ted Grabowski's family and friends.

Broome-Tioga Results & Photos
Oct. 25 - Results from Broome HERE

Check out Jim Sanderson's photos from the Halloween Classic HERE.

Sept. 28

Eric Hameister was hard at work shooting all of the action at MotoMasters. Check out his gallery of images at: Hameistermoto.com

July 4, 2012 Poll

Sept. 23

In 2012 the fourth of July falls on a Wed. Here's your chance to vote on what days you'd like to have the holiday races held on.

Poll Results (86 member votes)
Sat-Sun. 74%
Sun-Mon. 19%
& Wed. 7%

Season Points Update

Sept. 12

Season points updated HERE.

Thunder Ridge Track Report

Sept. 5

Kudos to Thunder Ridge! The addition of many tons of topsoil, combined with track grooming multiple times each race day, made for an excellent mid-soft race surface with few rocks. As an extra plus, the rain held off until racing was finished. Great racing, great track conditions!

Sept. 3 Results ~ Sept. 4 Results

Broome-Tioga Photos

Aug. 29

Did you race at Broome-Tioga on Aug. 21? Event photos are at: JimSanderson.com

Friends Injury update from Unadilla

Aug. 23

Joe Martin D3 #315 crashed in his +25B second moto on Sunday and was taken to St Elizabeth's Hospital and where he was found to have a lacerated right kidney, he was discharged from the hospital a few days ago. Also, Jill Polanczyk #251 was injured during the women's race breaking her left foot. These two Mx friends will be out for the rest of the season. We all wish you well and hope to see you at the track soon!

Loretta Lynn's Results

Aug. 11

CNYMRA riders had a run of bad luck at Loretta Lynn's this year. Nearly every D3 rider suffered from crashes, flat tires or other problems in at least one race. Perhaps the worst case was for CJ Talarski who won the first and second moto in +30 B/C and was in position to win the championship early in moto 3 when a bad crash destroyed his bike preventing a finish.

Sean Ballard
SuperMini 1
Schoolboy 2
Dawson Driscoll
65cc stock
65cc mod
Anthony Grenga
65cc mod
Dominic Grenga
51cc stock
Gene Nighman
Plus 50
Plus 40
Scott Phelps
Plus 35
Zach Putman
SuperMini 1
SuperMini 2
Madison Seguin
Girls 12-15
Darryl Smith
Plus 40
Plus 35
C.J. Talarski
Vet 30 B/C
Abby Tardelli
Sonya Williams
Ryan Zaveral
Pro Sport

Nov. 19 - CNYMRA loses two of its own.

Guy Fornino #727 past away on Nov. 17. He was just 23 years old.

Dick Church, aka #248, passed away on Saturday Nov.13. He was 74. He suffered from COPD and experienced a breathing attack from which he could not recover.

The CNYMRA extends its condolences to these two rider's family and friends.

Oct. 21 - Fall Series Points

Fall Series points finish HERE.

Oct. 20 - Contest Winners

The first CNYMRA trivia contest is now over as Gary Hameister, Pete Reese and Curt D'Agostino correctly answered that the track name was Swamp Fox and it was in Hinkley, NY. They each won a pair of goggles and pack of tear offs !!

Check back next week when another trivia contest will be posted!

Oct. 18 - Trivia Contest

CNYMRA will hold weekly contests throughout the fall/early winter with prizes awarded to winners!

The first contest question is: what was the name of the first race track operated by the founders of CNYMRA??

Oct. 5

Thunder Ridge hosted a superb race on Oct. 3 with great track conditions despite the mid-week tropical storm. The watering crew was actually out watering the track late in the day! See results HERE.

Oct. 5

Frozen-Ocean is willing to hold more practices on their night Motocross track if enough riders are interested. Riders who are interested should email Tony Despaw at: despaw99@yahoo.com He will forward the list of interested riders to F.O. which in turn would allow for more Wed. practices!!

Sept. 13

Frozen Ocean hosted a superb race on Sept. 12 with great track conditions on a much changed track design! The track featured more cornering, less big jumps and a bit lower speeds which made for some tight racing! See results HERE.

Sept. 9

Frozen Ocean will be offering
200% payback to Experts
Doubling their holeshot awards
at this Sunday's FALL SERIES race!

August 9

Results for CNYMRA riders that raced at the Loretta Lynn's National Championship.

Amateur/Vet - National Placing
Cole Fredericks 250C Stock
Shawn Mckenna Plus 30 B/C
Gene Nighman Plus 50
Gene Nighman Plus 40
Sonny Nighman Plus 25
Scott Phelps Plus 35
Kyle Pollak 250 C Stock
Kyle Pollak 250 C Mod.
Daryl Smith Plus 35
Daryl Smith Plus 40
Mike Wilcox Plus 35
Ryan Zaveral 450 ProSport
Youth/Women - National Placing
Sean Ballard Super Mini 1
Sean Ballard Super Mini 2
Dawson Driscoll 65cc (7-9 Stock)
Dawson Driscoll 65cc (7-11 Mod)
Dominic Grenga 51cc (4-6 Stock shaft)
Hunter Layton 51cc (4-6 Stock)
Abbrielle Tardelli Girls (12-15)
Sonia Williams Women (14 plus)

Congratulations to all of the CNYMRA riders who represented the district well!!
Photos to come soon...

May 17

Eric Hameister broke his clavicle (collarbone), six ribs and had a minor torn lung in a crash at Broome-Tioga on May 12. No surgery was necessary and he expects to be back at the track at MotoMasters this Sunday! No, he won't be racing, he'll be doing what he does best, taking great racing photos!

"I want to thank CNYMRA racers and families for all the warm get well wishes. Great feeling to know you all care here in CNY!

Apr. 21

New 2010 CNYMRA members under 16 years of age MUST provide a copy of their birth certificate before their membership card will be mailed.

Birth certificates can be faxed to Mike Dougherty at 315-736-2832 or a copy mailed to the address on the application.

Mar. 31 First race Saturday at Frozen Ocean

Looks like we'll have June-like weather this weekend!!! The track will be in great shape.

Gates will be open from 4-11pm on Friday. Avoid lomg lines Saturday morning. Friday night sign up 8-11pm.

In addition to CNYMRA classes the following classes will be offered:

51cc Beginner 4-6
51cc Intermediate 4-8
51cc Senior 6-8
65cc 10-11
65cc 7-9
65cc 7-11
Sr. Mini 12-15
Mini Combined 9-13
Girls 9-15
250 Beginner
Open Beginner
Plus 40A/B
Plus 40C
Plus 50

Most of these will be combined with other classes, but it may give you the chance to race in a class more specific to your age and ability!!

Mar 23 - Frozen Ocean Moto X, Inc to run combined sanctioned events

Frozen Ocean will be running both CNYMRA and WNY Racing events together in 2010. Races will be AMA sanctioned events with AMA membership required. For the first two races only, Frozen Ocean will pay the first $20 toward a new member's AMA Membership. If you have ever been an AMA member, you will not be eligible for this benefit.

All District 3 classes will be offered as well as WNY Racing classes that aren't offered by CNYMRA. WNY Racing also offers a Plus 50's points class.

Riders will receive points for their respective organization plus separate points will be kept for the "Top Gun Series."

Mar 23 - The Top Gun Series is back for 2010

The Top Gun Series Has Returned!!!!!!! Where! Frozen Ocean Moto X, Inc.

Extra prizes and a Dash For Cash every Sunday race date. Earn points to be the "Top Dog" in your class.

Holeshot Awards for the Motocross dates are as follow:

June 27 - Wheel Away will be donating the Holeshot Awards

July 11 - Team Green Weekend - Kawasaki will be donating the Holeshot Awards.

September 12 - Sportmann Honda will be sponsoring the entire weekend and will be donating Holeshot Awards.

Information about the combined events and entry fees:

Big Bikes - 1st class $30.00, 2nd class $20.00, 3rd class $10.00

65cc/85cc - 1st class $25.00, 2nd class $20.00, 3rd class $10.00

50cc - 1st class $20.00 and 2nd class $20.00

Quads - Ex, Am, Nov, and Plus 25 Quad - $30.00 and $20.00

Quad - Schoolboy $30.00

Mini Quads - $25.00

Jan 19 - Michael James Memorial Scholarship winners

For the 19th year, Thunder Ridge Sports with the help of CNYMRA riders and families raised money and awarded scholarship funds in the name of Michael James Simmons.....

As a result of additional donations and participation in fund racing activities this season , Thunder Ridge was able to hand out three scholarship awards for the first time at Saturday's CNYMRA awards banquet....Over $10,000 has been raised and given to CNYMRA college students over the past 19 seasons......This years scholarships went to Michael Bluy of Norwich (Alfred University, Engineering), Tim Dino of Waterloo (University of Buffalo, Engineering) and Jackie Bristol of Central Square (Onondaga Community College, Respiratory Care).....

For 2010, there will be even more team events and family oriented activities at Thunder Ridge to once again fund awards aimed at the educational betterment of CNYMRA riders and their families......

These Scholarship activities came to life during the 1991 season out of the desires of Jim Simmons and his son's friends, who wished to focus on the Family aspects of our sport and our CNYMRA series. The hope continues to be that this focus will result in positive family discussions involving topics which might otherwise be ignored...

Dec. 14 - Updated Banquet information

This year's CNYMRA Awards Banquet will be held at Harts Hill Inn, Whitesboro on Jan. 16, from 4-11 p.m.

Ticket prices are $25.00 for adults and $17.00 for kids under 12

Please note: No tickets are sold at the door. All ticket orders must be made IN ADVANCE and received no later than January 10, 2010. No vending or displays without PERMISSION.

Dinner includes a buffet with plenty of choices, and ice cream for dessert. There will be a cash bar and free beer and soda. Click HERE for ticket order form and more information.

Complete the form and mail to: CNYMRA, 207 Main Street, Whitesboro, NY 13492.

Please enclose payment made to CNYMRA along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Deadline for tickets is January 10, 2010.

Nov. 2

Dan Newton had a nasty crash off of the Carmichael triple at Broome in the +40 B class. He laid motionless on the track for the entire second moto. The following is a note from his family regarding his progress.

"Just wanted everyone to know that Daniel is doing ok. He spent four days in Wilson Hospital and then came home. He has three broken ribs, a broken collarbone,a broken shoulder blade and a punctured lung. He seems to be doing much better, just taking it easy for 4 to 6 weeks. I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone in our racing family. Because that is exactly what I think it is. We have received so many cards and calls. So THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. If anyone wants to say hello to Dan please feel free to give us a call 315-852-6012.

Aug. 10

Picture gallery and results of District 3 riders who raced at the 2009 Loretta Lynn's National Championships

May 27

Hameister Photo Fundraiser for Anisha French a huge success!


The fundraiser for Anisha French was a great success!! A large number of riders contributed to the cause. Their support and Eric's generosity resulted in a substantial donation to Anisha and her family!

Visit the Hameister website for information on how and when you can download your photo(s).

Special thanks from Eric and the French family to Bob Kiniry for his support and signing of the Kiniry action photo that was raffled!

April 18

The Honorable Thomas H. Moore, the CPSC Commissioner, voted to put into effect a stay of enforcement of the lead ban on motorcycles and ATV designed for children 12 and under.

He recommends manufacturers be given an unspecified length of time in which to comply with the lead ban, while they design machines that comply with the guidelines.

It appears that dealers and suppliers will soon be able to sell motorcycles/ATV and replacement parts for those vehicles, read more on Racer X Online.

March 31

Well the 2009 season is almost upon us and the weather is cooperating much more nicely this year than it has during the past few years. If you're reading this you most certainly have noticed some changes to the CNYMRA web-site. The board of directors has appointed me as the new webmaster and I'm excited to make some changes that will enhance the content and appearance of it. If you have any comments or suggestions for making it more user friendly and/or more informative please send and email with your suggestions.

My email contact info is: gnighman@twcny.rr.com

Of course, if you have some important news you feel all of the CNYMRA members should be made aware of, send me your news as well. I hope to post NEW news at this location on a regular basis!

I hope to see everyone at the races at Broome-Tioga this weekend.


Gene M. Nighman
#26, +25A, +30A, +40A (+50 not very far away)!

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