August 10, 2009

Driscoll and Nighman post top 10 results at the 2009 Amateur National Championships.

Congratulations to all of these riders for their performance in this extremely challenging National Championship! Full results HERE.

Dawson Driscoll
8th 50cc 7-9
Daniel Netti
36th 85cc 12-13 Mod
Ryan Zaveral
20th Schoolboy 14-16
Ryan Zaveral
18th Schoolboy 12-16
Scott Phelps
18th Vet 35+
Darryl Smith
24th Vet 35+
Gene Nighman
22nd Senior 40+
Gene Nighman
4th Masters 50+

We are incredibly fortunate to have famed photojournalist Eric Hameister as a district member/racer. His work is outstanding.

Eric has an extensive background in professional photography in addition to being a fellow racer. Eric Hameister's resume and homepage is HERE.

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Here is a collection of photos (donated by Eric Hameister) of CNYMRA riders at Loretta Lynn's!! You can see more photos of D3 riders at Loretta's HERE.